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Fomex H1000 Quartz Light

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Concentrating on R&D of photography lighting system for a long time, Fomex light system was born based on accumulated outstanding technology and know-how in photography lighting industry.
Control system by microprocess of module method makes operation easy and shows its needed output power.
Strong and durability emphasized design for easy carrying guarantees the maximum security.
The evaluation standards which conclude photography lighting quality are using high quality components and design.
Fomex lighting system is specially designed and made for long term life cycle and protecting mechenical damage.


AC 90~240V 50/60Hz
Mode Lamp Type
1000w (GX 6.35 BASE)
Model Lamp Control
Analog Control Volume (VR)
DC Cooling Fan (Ball Bearing Type)
Size (W x L x H)
235 x 140 x 170 mm / 9.25 x 5.5 x 6.7 inch
1.5kg / 3.3lbs

  1. Power ON signaling lamp
  2. Halogen lamp ON signaling lamp
  3. Modeling lamp control volume : It controls the brightness of modeling(halogen) lamp.
  4. Power switch : It has function of turning off and on the lighting.
  5. AC Input : Connecting part of power cord.